Course Description

Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon will take place Sunday 18th of February 2018, starting at 10.00 in Piazza Azzurri d’ Italia, near the Stadio Comunale Bentegodi.

RIGHT INTO THE CITY CENTRE- A few streets after the start, the athletes enter into the city centre through the monumental Porta Palio; then they continue until Porta Nuova, then Piazza Bra, turning into Via Roma. At the end of the street they can admire Castel Vecchio, important historical fortified castle from the XIV century. They pass Arco dei Gavi and look to the beautiful scenery of the church of San Lorenzo and the church of Santi Apostoli.

PONTE DELLA VITTORIA AND LUNGADIGE – The course reaches Porta Borsari and continues across Ponte della Vittoria then follows the river side until Piazza Arsenale. Again running along the river and crossing it on the Ponte del Risorgimento. 

BASILICA DI SAN ZENO – The runners transit in front of the Basilica di S. Zeno, patron saint of the city. After the Rigaste S. Zeno and Corso Porta Palio, they arrive again in Piazza Azzurri d’Italia where the athletes of the AGSM Duomarathon have to pass the baton.

SECOND LAP – Here starts the second lap. Entering the city centre trough Porta Palio again, they continue to Circonvallazione Oriani, Piazza Renato Simoni, via Scalzi, Corso Porta Palio, Corso Cavour, Ponte della Vittoria, Piazza Arsenale; then a right turn into Viale della Repubblica and left into via IV Novembre, via Anzani, Lungadige Matteotti, crossing the Adige on Ponte della Vittoria. They take via Emilei, via Rosa, Corso S. Anastasia, then they enter into the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe continuing to Piazza Viviani (teatro Nuovo), Ponte Nuovo near the Chiesa di S. Tommaso, then via Giosuè Carducci, via Muro Padri, via S. Nazzaro until Porta Vescovo where they take via XX Settembre.

PASSAGE INTO THE ARENA – When in Ponte Navi, the runners continue in Stradone San Fermo, where they can see the magnificient church, one of the most interesting and unique of the city. After Stradone Maffei, the athletes transit in front of the City Hall and finally enter the Anfiteatro Arena: it’s not possible to describe the emotion of running in such famous historical site. They exit the other side of the Arena and after a short ramp the runners cross the finish line in Piazza Bra.