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Here are the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), the most frequently asked questions from athletes.

 Any questions, doubt, uncertainty, …?

  • How do I register?

    Registration is possible only through the website giuliettaeromeohalfmarathon.it.

    Log on the site, click REGISTRATION and then the link GET YOUR BIB.

    If you are not already registered, you must click on SIGN UP and fill the form. Once registered, you will open a list of events.

    After your choice of the race of your interest fill in the registration. Once completed you can choose to pay through PayPal or by bank transfer. In this case you will receive a confirmation email be showing a code that you should copy and drop in the bank transfer order.

    No other forms of payment.

    You can then check the status of your application by entering the Registration Check button in the Home page.


    In seguito potrai verificare la situazione della tua iscrizione entrando nel sito GET YOUR BIB. Lì potrai vedere se l’ordine è stato processato e pagato.

  • What are the eligibility requirements for registration?

    Italian citizens are obliged to sign up to a sports team, to which they must submit a medical certificate of fitness to competitive athletics activities.

    Foreign participants have no requirement other than the requirements of the country of origin.

    Only difference is the presence in the list of timed arrived and not in that of the classified.

  • What documents are to be sent to the completion of registration?
    • FIDAL members must indicate only their card number and Sports team name and code.
    • MEMBERS OF SPORTS TEAM other than FIDAL should indicate their card number and Sports team name but they must also send a copy of the card to iscrizioni@veronamarathon.it or by fax at 045 511 2238.
    • RUNCARD members should indicate their card number, but they must also send a copy of the card and the medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports iscrizioni@veronamarathon.it or by fax at 045 511 2238.
    • FOREIGN runners have no obligation.
  • What if I am not Italian?

    Athletes can participate if they are more than 20 years old on the date of the event, in possession of one of the following requirements:

    • Athletes with a club card affiliated to Foreign Athletics Federations recognized by IAAF.
    • Athletes in possession of a valid Runcard (valid as sports insurance, and allowed to compete); The card is on-line subscribed by FIDAL web site www.fidal.it or by www.runcard.com ; in this case it must be together with the medical certificate issued in your home country for the practice of the sport activity, the certificate must include the following mandatory exams in Italy: ECG at rest, ECG at rest and after effort, spirometry.
  • When will the letter of confirmation of registration be available?

    The confirmation letter will be available at least 5 days before the event.

  • There are shuttles to get to the race?

    There will be a free shuttle service for athletes and partners from 8.00 to 17.00 on Sunday

    • from Palasport Verona (Start Area) to Piazza Bra (Zone Arrival)
    • from Piazza Bra (Zone Arrival) to Palasport Verona (Start Area)
  • How can I find hotel accommodation for the weekend of the race?

    Verona is the fourth tourist city of Italy, there are many hotels.

    For reservations write to info@veronabooking.com, which offers special opportunities as early breakfast and late check out or click the link TRAVEL & HOTEL on the site of the race.

  • What are the characteristics of the course?

    The course of GENSAN Juliet and Romeo Half Marathon is the same as last year.

    The start is near the Sports Palace / Stadio Bentegodi and finish line is in Piazza Bra, in the center of

    Verona, after crossing the Arena di Verona.

    The altitude and the route will be proposed graphically shortly.

  • Where can I park my car?

    Near the Sports Hall there are large parking lots, reserved for the weekend of the event.

  • Can I come by train?


    Verona is very well served by rail service.

    Note that the start area and the expo are a twenty minute walk from the Verona Porta Nuova main train station.


    we have two options:

    • To transfer the registration to Gensan Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon of 2020, following payment of a supplement of € 10.00 for administrative fees and upon written notice until January 31st, 2019.
    • To transfer the registration to Gensan Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon 2019 to another person, subject to payment of an additional € 10.00 for administrative fees and upon notice until January 31st, 2019, and returning the letter of confirmation.

    The substituting participant must provide all personal information about the membership as if it were a new registration. You will be given a new start number available.

    Contact iscrizioni@veronamarathon.it


Scrivi a info@veronamarathon.it

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