GAAC 2007 amateur sports association is the reality behind Veronamarathon: a team that, together with Veronamarathon Events and the City of Verona, has been successful. In a few years has made of the marathon of Verona one of the most popular events in Italy. Certified by IAAF and FIDAL, GAAC 2007 find its origin in the mid-50s, when a group of friends and fans, of hiking at altitude, creates “Friends of Carega Mountaineers Group.”

The members of the GAAC dedicated themselves to mountain running (specialty that Sergio Pennacchioni, one of the founders, and his team have loved).

The transition to athletics took place in 1965 when some promising youngsters have joined the team; later they will be the protagonists of important pages of sporting history.

At that point Pennacchioni started collaboration with Sergio Dario Bergamini (current president of the GAAC 2007), who joined him first as sponsor e then as a manager.

Since the early 80s the team began to collect some top athletes such as Gelindo Bordin (Olympic Marathon Champion in Seoul 1988), Francesco Panetta (gold in the 3,000 steeplechase and silver in the 10,000 at the World Championships in Rome 1987), Loris Primazzoni and Alfonso Valicella.

GAAC has created a very successful “pink team”, where we remember Laura Fogli and Maria Curatolo. The team in those years has been supported by passionate partnership of dr. Franco Cicolini – owner of the food industry PAF – that helped to give birth to the PAF ATHLETICS, GAAC brand.

Since the middle of the ’80s this group also began to follow the organizational part, started to deal with the management of the European Championship of racing between Clubs.

In the early 90s with the early death of Sergio Pennacchioni and the end of its partnership with PAF, GAAC ended his extraordinary sport life.

In February of 2008 the rebirth of the team GAAC 2007 (in the meantime renewed with the same name) organized the first edition of the Half Marathon Giulietta & Romeo, dedicated to the pioneer Pennacchioni, for historical and affective reasons, by the great friend Dario. With Dario Bergamini have collaborated Costantino Falsiroli and Stefano Stanzial .

After the success of the “half -marathon”, the following year GAAC 2007 organized both the 2nd edition of Romeo & Juliet Half Marathon and also the 8th edition of Veronamarathon, famous marathon born in 2001, that since then it grown in number and relevance.

In December 2009, the team held a new event: the Christmas Run, a charity run, with runners dressed as Santa Claus; a debut with a bang of 500 participants, despite the cold weather (-5 C).

The business grew in 2010: 3rd Giulietta & Romeo, with 3,400 competitors, and the 9th Veronamarathon, they both had their finish line in Piazza Bra after crossing the Arena. A winning success with more than 1,700 participants. In December, the launch of the 1st Gardaland Half Marathon (1,150 competitors) and 2nd Christmas Run (800 Santas).

Also in February 2011 to 4th Romeo & Juliet accompanies the Veronamarathon, always with the finish line in Piazza Bra. Both events brought great success of participants: the “half ” graduated 3rd half marathon in Italy with 3,800 runners while the Veronamarathon becomes the 9th Italian marathon with 1,600 arrivals.

In 2012 GAAC 2007 proposed a change: the “half ” remained in middle February, while the marathon has been moved to the 6th October with departure in Valpolicella and arrival inside the Arena of Verona. A change welcome from the universe of runners: 1695 athletes on arrival. The 3rd Gardaland half, its latest edition, and the 4th Christmas Santa Run with 1,800 happy Santas.

2013 saw a very crowded 6th Juliet Half marathon with 4850 finishers, combined with the romantic expressions of VERONA IN LOVE, and the 12th Veronamarathon in October, once again in the top 10 marathons in Italy despite a significant drop in participants. Then over 2,000 Santas on a beautiful sunny winter day.

2014: the organizational ability of GAAC 2007 led by Dario Bergamini, Stefano Stanzial, Claudio Arduini, Michele Simoncelli and Matteo Bortolaso, have been sealed by the charge of the organization of the Italian Half Marathon Championship in conjunction with the 7th Romeo & Giulietta Half: 6,200 athletes at the finish line , more than 500 runners .

2015: Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon 7123 subscribers.

The goal of setting Veronamarathon in November was achieved. Departure and arrival from Piazza Bra and a fast path in a large part in town. The result in terms of participation was remarkable: over 3,000 marathon subscribers and 3,500 in the Cangrande Half Marathon.

2016: Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon 7898 subscribers.

New FIDAL rules from June penalized almost all the organizers of the Italian marathons: Veronamarathon enrolled 2,927 and Cangrande Half Marathon enrolled 3,076.

At the same time, a great recognition by the Federation: Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon has been awarded with a GOLD LABEL, while VERONAMARATHON and CANGRANDE HALF MARATHON have been awarded with a SILVER LABEL.

2017: Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon registered 6,250

The Italian National Commission for UNESCO in August granted VERONAMARATHON the patronage “dedicated to Verona’s World Heritage Site and the certainly unique significance of running between architectural beauties, a testimony to a very ancient story, which can give great emotions even during the great Physical and mental effort of those who take part in the marathon “.

GAAC 2007 VERONAMARATHON is currently the only Italian sport Society that organize three events qualified GOLD or SILVER from FIDAL

The beauty of Verona, the great collaboration with local institutions and the organizational capacity of 2007 GAAC are important contributions in the choice of the athletes.

Now the aim is to keep growing. And the story continue.

Romeo & Juliet Half Marathon 2014 is an AISM certified race: