Max Bogdanich with AGSM launches challenge for ABEO

(Verona) – Next February 12th you can run the historic tenth Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon for many reasons: for fun, for health, for competitive spirit.For challenge and charity have thought Abeo Association, Agsm and the marathon man Max Bogdanich who next to Veronamarathon Eventi promote ‘The MAX Overtaking’ ( “Il Sorpasso di Max”) initiative.It’s easy: AGSM Association will donate  € 1 to Hemopathic Oncological Child Association for every race runner overtaken by Max.

Together with Veronamarathon Eventi (Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon’s organizers) and the help of the City of Verona there are three large leading figures:

ABEO ONLUS VERONA (Hemopathic Oncological Child Association) directs its activities to the Pediatric Oncology Department helping in diagnostic methods improvement , treatment, humanization and making the hospital a place suitable for children. Abeo is a non-profit organization of volunteer work in favor of children with haematological cancer, solid tumors and leukemias.’Max Overtaking’ will support the project Villa Fantelli promoted by ABEO to improve logistics, offer services and enhance the therapeutic experience for children and families. This will be even more important for community information on the World Day of childhood cancer.

AGSM is the energy partner and has chosen to support this project remembering that energy can be carrier of well-being and life quality improvement. Agsm Group is the  supplier of environmental and technological energy services for Verona’s territory. The AGSM’s mission is to generate wealth minimizing environmental impacts of its activities, helping to create value in the local community and maintaining high levels of quality in the services offered.

MAX Bogdanich is a veronese athlete, italian champion marathon master class in 2016, born in 1966, worker, three children. A man of great values and excellent athletic performance, he often trains at Coni field in Verona and he strongly believes in this project.

HOW DOES OVERTAKING WORK?  Max Bogdanich will start the race in the last place, he will have a particularly and flashy uniform, he will be escorted by the guardian angels cycling team, one of them will be Elia Viviani, Olympic gold in track cycling in Rio 2016. Viviani, the other bikers and also overtaken participants will be special fans to spur Max to overcome the largest number of competitors in the race. Every athlete, one euro for each participant surpassed that AGSM will donate to ABEO, a charity capital.


Max has the athletic ability to overcome all the runners, to get in the top positions of Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon as he often did in the past. This year will have a very special motivation. Meanwhile, those who will be waiting him in Piazza Bra, will applaud and enjoy the challenge in real time on the big screen.