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Thanks to partnership with C.A.V. (Hotel Cooperative Veronesi) it is possible to stay in Verona and the province for the entire period of the marathon. Book your stay in Verona: alone or in groups, for yourself or your whole family.

Hotels from 2 * to 5 * star, a call center, a website and a front office for you – Book your stay – HOTEL


The “Cooperativa Albergatori Veronesi” – Veronabooking has 30 hotels with different price categories and sizes, located in the historical center of the city, in the first circle beyond the walls and various locations throughout the province.

Our facilities have a capacity of more than 1,500 rooms and approximately 3000 beds. A large virtual hotel of Verona and province.


For more information contact the Hotel Cooperative Veronesi at the following addresses:

Tel. +390458009844 – Fax +39 045 8009372
call center, front-office for you

Our operators will be pleased to offer you that best solution for your needs from a wide range of accommodation in 2/3/4 stars, in the city center and suburbs.


Take advantage to visit the territory.

You will find that Verona and surroundings worth to stay at least two nights!