Over 6,000 registrations and with live-streaming Verona will go worldwide

(Verona) – Ten days missing to Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon scheduled for next Sunday, February 18th, starting at 10 am from the Agsm Forum, the sports hall next to Bentegodi stadium, and arrival in Piazza Bra, in the heart of Verona. The official website counter of the event indicates in real-time the number of participants, it is increasing hour after hour: today marks 6,131 people, the goal of reaching 7500 runners seems to be possible.

NEXT TO 10,000 – To this number it must be added all those people who are registering for the other two races: Agsm Duo Marathon to run in a team of two people and Lidl Monument Run 5km which is the new entry of this edition. Both races are open to everybody, no need of medical certificate or any membership. The sum of participants of the three events will bring more than 10 thousand people to run on the streets of Verona between the banks of the Adige river and Castelvecchio, the ancient fortress of the city, between Porta Borsari, the main entrance to the city in the imperial era and Piazza Erbe, the oldest square, and obviously the Arena, with the arrival in Piazza Bra.

RACE T-SHIRT – A self-respecting race must have two testimonies of memory. The medal and the t-shirt. The medal depicting the ‘balcony’ of Juliet was presented by the organizing committee last week. Today we have the pleasure to show all runners of the half marathon and of Agsm Duo Marathon the t-shirts. Two different colors: red for Agsm Duo Marathon, light blue for Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon. These are the colors of the T-shirts of the two official races for next February 18th, 2018 in Verona. Signed by Joma in breathable technical material, the t-shirts will be in the race pack to all participants of Gensan Giulietta & Romeo.

DIRECT STREAMING – A beautiful garment to be wearing in the race day to colour the streets of Verona and a wonderful ‘souvenir’ to wear in future workouts. The “river of people”on the streets of Verona will be, undoubtedly, an exceptional view, a show that will go worldwide thanks to the alive streaming that organizers are preparing on the website and on the YouTube page of the event. Verona with all its beauties and its races will therefore be visible to anyone and everywhere.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS – Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon event is possible thanks to the fundamental support of the Municipality of Verona and the Patronage of the “Camera di Comercio” I.A.A. A special thanks goes also to our partners, many of them following us for many years, always renewing their trust. First the title sponsor Gensan, the Main Sponsors Agsm, Lidl and Zuegg. For the second consecutive year Technical Sponsor will be Joma, official car will still be Fimauto. Green Sponsors will still be Amia and Acque Veronesi, among the Partners we find Virgin Active and Decathlon with the shops of San Giovanni Lupatoto and Villafranca (Vr). Official suppliers: Eurocompany, ZeroWind and Armando De Angelis. Media Partner: Radio NumberOne and Telenuovo