Is the turn of “Porta Borsari” on the Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon’s medal

As always, great attention to detail: a piece of Verona's history as a gift to all finishers

VERONA – It is a tradition and a known fact: those who come to run on the streets of Verona bring home a piece of history of the city. And so it will also be for this year on the occasion of next Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon that will be held on Sunday, February 17th, 2019.

For the organizers of Vrm Eventi, in collaboration with the City of Verona, there has always been a lot of attention and care about what was represented on the medal that will be delivered to the thousands of participants who will finish the competition. In recent years we have moved from ‘Juliet’s Balcony’ to ‘Arche Scaligere’ or even in 2016 to ‘Merli di Castelvecchio’ and many other motifs representing a unique corner of the city or a monument that has always had the power to bring Veronese people around its historical center, its history, its millennial culture. The medal of this 2019 edition was conceived and designed by “Studio di architetti associate Abw”.

Who will cross the finish line in Piazza Bra in the shadow of the majestic Arena will put on his, or her, neck an important medal in size (10 cm x 4.4 cm) and in meaning: it will be represented “Porta Borsari”, the majestic Roman door from the first century after Christ, that was, during the imperial era, the main entrance of the city. From there “Via Postumia”, the road created by the consul Spurio Postumio, at the time connected the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea.

In Roman times the large entrance doors to the cities were buildings of considerable architecture, with large internal rooms that welcomed the numerous soldiers and customs officers. The doors were made with extreme care, using noble materials and elegant decorations, in this way the door could make visitors understand the importance of the city they were accessing. The current name has medieval origins and derives from the bursarii, the customs officials who in this place collected the bishop’s duties “

It’s a month missing for one of the most participated half-marathons in Italy, awarded by the Italian Federation of Athletics with a Gold Label, the highest Italian recognition obtained for organizational quality. Only three half marathons have this honor. Start at 10 am, together with Agsm Duo Marathon, the relay race with teams of two people, free participation without the need of medical certificate or athletics memberships.

Lidl Monument Run, the race that is for everyone, families, children and adults will not miss this year in its second edition. Departure and arrival in Piazza Bra. Course of 5km in the historic center of Verona. 5km and 5 artistic and significant monuments of Verona: Castelvecchio, the ancient fortress of the city, Porta Borsari, the main entrance to the city in imperial times, Piazza Erbe, the oldest square, and of course the Arena and the arrival in Piazza Bra.