Valeria Straneo and Peter Ndorobo champions at the 12nd Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon

The Italian athlete wins smiling, the Kenyan once again with a great time

VERONA – A day to remember in Verona: Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon was simply perfect. Warm sun, it seemed to be in late spring. Over 7 thousand people at the start line for the half marathon – Fidal Gold Label – and for the relay race Agsm Duo Marathon. 1500 people in Piazza Bra for Lidl Monument Run. Perfect weather, festive air, good music played by the deejays who have ‘shot’ a special playlist for runners, big and strong top runners who have given show scoring great times. Broadcast in three hours on “mondovisione” with live streaming on the Veronamarathon channel on YouTube with commentary by Davide Daccò and technical comment by Gianni Poli. (Watch here live).

The “Romeo” of this 12th Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon was the Kenyan Peter Kwemoi Ndorobo (Purosangue Athletics) who pushed on the accelerator without fear, as in the character of these formidable athletes of the African highlands: head in race, always’ push ‘as they say, always in total push to the maximum of possibilities. Race in total solitary and victory, with a crowd waiting for him on the grandstand in front of the big screen that broadcast live the race in Piazza Bra on Liston. First place in 1h00’43 “that for 19” is not the record for the race that was set in 2017 by Edwin Koech, but it is the encore of last year when Ndorobo triumphed in 1h01’01 “. Different race from 2018, there he made a duel shoulder to shoulder until the final sprint with Chelanga Kalale, today the road was all for him. Total protagonist, reads from Oscar. Still Kenya for the second place with Joel KipkeNei Melly who with 1h02’37 “is near but not just to his personal best while the colors of Germany shine on the third step of the podium with Petros Amanal finisher in 1h03’32” today debutant on half marathon distance.Applause for Lorenzo Dini (Fiamme Gialle) who is the first Italian in the ranking arriving in fifth place. Race of substance for the pupil of Stefano Baldini (today on the race track as a coach) who signs here at Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon the new personal best with 1h13’53 “, the first sub1h04 ‘of his career. His best time so far went back to Agropoli 2017 when he did 1h04’19 “:” I’m very satisfied, I was hoping for 20 “less to be even happier but after just two months of training it’s okay. I missed a bit at the end. Both, me and my brother Samuel, who is now injured, are very motivated and we are giving our best. The goal is to make the first marathon in the fall and with a coach like Baldini it can only be great things. We have to work a lot but we are here for this “. Alessandro Giacobazzi was a bit subdued, and in February 2017 he was 6th in 1h05’35 “on the Verona roads, while today he finished eighth in 1h05’53”.

The “Giulietta” was expected and despite her 42 years old and some ailments of the last two years, she will still make hear about her. Let’s talk about the Italian athlete Valeria Straneo (Laguna Running Ssd) who triumphs in 1h12’33” and in her way she does an encore too. She had already won in 2014 with the title of Italian champion of half marathon, while in 2016 she had to retire at 17km due to injury. Valeria has warmed up before the start, exercises, stretching, at least 7-8 km courses in progression to be already mentally in the race: “I had some problems this week and I was a little fearful, I did not even think I could win. With my coach Stefano Baldini we are doing things well and calmly. It’s only more than a month that he follows me but the results are already coming – says a smiling and always available Valeria on the finish line – Verona was the first real test to set the next cycle of training, I had to try to run at 3’25 “at the average km and close the pace of 1h12’30” and so it was, today’s goal centered even if it was hard in the final part, I clenched my teeth. Then run here in Verona with a day like this is really fantastic, the runners and the fans have warmed my heart. Now I prepare a marathon to run in the spring, I do not know yet where it will be. ” Still Italy for the second step of the women’s podium with the army champion Laila Soufyane who was presented in Piazza Bra in 1h12’58 “:” It’s a return more than good – said Laila – I predicted 1h14 ‘final and it went even better. I’ll do the Rome Marathon, it’s a return, Rome is eternal, I’m sure it will give me a nice surprise “. As for men in women’s third place the German Heim Thea with 1h14’38 “which also means new personal record for her, canceled the 1h15’13” in Hannover 2017. Not good for the Kenyan Kinah Cheruto closed fourth in 1h18’07 “far from its normal quality standards.

On the finish area was Stefano Baldini, the Olympic marathon champion: “I had a lot of fun, a city that deserves, a very good organization, a smooth course, lots of curves, but we run strong and the many personal records made today confirm it. Good for Lorenzo Dini even if he dropped in the final, he did 15km to close in 63’20 “and that’s okay, he will improve a lot. Valeria Straneo was also good, a good return to her after two troubled years “.

Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon has not only been champions and times, but also an event capable of transmitting important messages. At the start line the group of MaratonAbili but also the 58 year old Silvia Furlani who has been suffering multiple sclerosis for more than thirty years, she does not give up and fights. She started at 6.30 in solitary and in exactly 6 hours, at 12.30, she was as promised on arrival showing a lot of character. Upon arrival also Stefano Ghidini who two years ago was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease.

Agsm Duo Marathon, the relay race to be carried out by two people, was also held. First placed for the team ‘Vicenza Marathon Top’ who concluded the race in 1h12’15 “.

Smiles and a great desire to be there for the almost 1500 participants of the Lidl Monument Run, the non-competitive 5km walking race that started and arrived in Piazza Bra with lots of families and children at the start. A path to take easily and to admire the most important monuments of the city of Verona.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS – The event Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon 2019 is possible thanks to the fundamental support of the City of Verona and the Patronage of the Chamber of Commerce I.A.A. A special thanks goes also to our partners, many for many years follow us, always renewing their trust. First the title sponsor Gensan, the Main Sponsors Agsm, Lidl, Zuegg and ZeroWind. Technical Sponsor Joma. Green Partner Amia and Acque Veronesi, among the partners Ali Spa and B & B Hotels Italia. Official suppliers: Eurocompany and Armando De Angelis, Marazzi Noleggio, Scaligera Service, Melegatti and Gls Corriere Espresso. Media Partner: Radio NumberOne and Telenuovo.