“Verona is an important step for the Olympic year. I’m going to Kenya and I’ll be back to win “


The Italian new record holder of 10k on the road will run for the half marathon Italian title in Verona

VERONA – From a record to a gold medal there is Africa. Only one month missing to Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon scheduled for Sunday February 16th 2020, the international IAAF, Aims race certified for several years with a Gold Label Fidal. At the same time, the relay race Duo Marathon and Monument Run5k, non-competitive races.

Daniele Meucci, bearer of the Army, protagonist of records is the Italian athlete who in February will participate to Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon. This year, Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, will be the competition of the year cause it is valid for the Italian Half Marathon Absolute Fidal Championship. The best Italians runners will come to Verona to run the Italian title and the Pisan Meucci can only be one of the main candidates to win the gold medal.

The record marked on Sunday January 12th in Valencia in a 10km road race has gone down in history. With 28’08 “he hit the new Italian record on 10k, snatching it from the legendary Stefano Baldini who held it since 2002 with 28’10”. The fastest race ever took place on the streets of Valencia, the Kenyan winner Rhonex Kipruto set the new world record with 26’24 “, the Swiss Julien Wanders the new European record with 27’13”, while Daniele signed the Italian record.

ENERGIES – “I’m fine, I feel confident, I have new physical and mental energies – the words of Daniele Meucci at the end of one of his training sessions these days while he waits for his children to return from school – I can’t wait to run again and I will do it in Verona on February 16th at Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon. It will be an important race because an Italian title must always be taken into high consideration, I have already won 11 in 5 different disciplines, but it will also be important because it will be the first real test on the 21km of the year and this will take place after my high ground period in Kenya. Verona is a real fundamental point of the Olympic year “.

The flight ticket to Nairobi, and then the transfer to Iten are scheduled on Monday 20 January, but Meucci wants to come back for a few seconds to the memory of the record race in Valencia: “I started thinking little about the race but only about the fact that was a test for me. The record, as unexpected, is a pleasant surprise. I thought I was 28’40 “, but thanks to the very smooth path and the very strong athletes around me, I managed to keep a pace that surprised me and makes me understand that we are on the right track. All of this is very positive in an Olympic key, that is clearly the 2020 target “.

THE COACH – Meucci was “reborn” after a 2018 and a first part of 2019 a little subdued thanks to pneumonia and other problems: “The preparation together with my new technician Luciano Di Pardo is going very well, there is a good feeling with me and with my wife Giada who follows me daily. In addition to being a technician, I also feel good with the person and this is fundamental for me. The Frankfurt marathon at the end of October had gone very well, with a 2h10’52 “, just 7” from my personal best and time trial already valid as an Olympic minimum. Now I’m focusing on a marathon in April to provide the ‘verification’ required by the Federation. In Iten, Kenya, I have already been several times and everything is very stimulating over there, there are working groups with exceptional kids, the ‘running’ company will not fail even if I obviously follow my schedule. “

IT WAS in 2014 – The Pisan engineer Meucci was already the protagonist on the roads of Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon in 2014: it was also on that occasion on February 16, and that Sunday he won the gold of the Italian Absolute Championship in half marathon in 1h02 ‘ 44 “. The same date, six years later, he tries again, same arrival in Piazza Bra, then behind him many champions and 7 thousand amateurs who crossed the finish line after crossing the Arena, this year the race has the same characteristics. Meucci in August 2014 then won the gold medal in the marathon at the European Championships in Zurich … with the predictions, for superstition and much more it is better to stop here.