Valeria Straneo again at Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon

“I love running in Verona, I still want the Italian title.”

The Italian athlete will be running on Sunday 16th, a fundamental stage on her way towards Tokyo 2020

VERONA – “I think I’ve come to run Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon at least four times already, it’s a race I love and then in 2014 I won the Italian half marathon title, yes I remember that well” these are the first words of Valeria Straneo when she was asked about the Veronese half marathon scheduled for next Sunday February 16th.

Expected more than 7 thousand people, thousands from abroad, the competition inside the criteria of World Athletics, world federation, Aims and Gold Label Fidal, the latter’s honour present in very few Italian competitions.

Valeria Straneo is the reigning champion, the winner of the last edition when she imposed herself, a bit by surprise, with 1h12’33 “. It was the return match after two years of suffering from injuries that limited her, Stefano Baldini had been following her for a few weeks. It was a good race, as well as that of the 2014 Italian Absolute Championship: “I remember a good challenge with Anna Incerti, but I also remember 2016 where I had to retire at 17km due to an injury.  A grey day, cold and rainy”.

THE OPERATION – In the curriculum of the Italian athlete Valeria Straneo a world silver
(2013) and a European silver (2014) in marathon, the still valid Italian record of 2h23'44 "in
marathon, a personal record in a half marathon made at Roma-Ostia 2012 of 1h07'46 "(time
trial not endorsed as a national record for the characteristics of the course), but which earned
her the first Italian title in half marathon, two London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics: truly
All this thanks to that operation in May 2010 that changed her life: the removal of the spleen
and part of the gallbladder. An intervention made necessary following a hereditary
spherocytosis that had caused her serious health problems. This led to her 35-year-old
international debut at the 2011 cross European Championships in Velenje (Slovenia), and
from there her fable started that continues today.


WHAT A RACE – Valeria is happy and serene: “I spent two weeks in southern Spain training in a heat weather, Sunday in the half marathon of Puerto de Sagunto, near Valencia, I ran in a 1h12’44” that I wasn’t expecting even if it was a Spanish championship race with a very flat course. In these weeks I was doing a load of kilometers, I didn’t think I could be so bright. This gives me hope for Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon where instead I would like to get to the best of my fit and run with an even better time trial. I want to do an encore, I really care about this Italian Championship, it is the real beginning of this important 2020. The goal is a marathon in the spring to achieve the minimum required for the Olympics of 2h29’30 “.

RELAY RACE – Gensan Giulietta & Romeo is also a race for everyone, not only for champions and competitive amateurs. Thanks to Duo Marathon, the relay race (10 + 11km), it is also possible to run, or even walk, in a team made up of two people. The event is in a non-competitive form and free access for all, without the obligation of a competitive medical examination.

MONUMENT RUN – The Monument Run returns for the third consecutive year. Running, walking, suitable for everyone, families and children of all ages, just 5 km. A path of extraordinary charm, in the historic center that combines physical activity with the artistic beauty of Verona. Monument Run is to be enjoyed, starting at 09:00 from Piazza Bra and the passages in Castelvecchio, the ancient fortress of the city, Porta Borsari, the main city entrance in the imperial era, Piazza Erbe, the oldest square, and finally the Arena and Piazza Bra. Registration for Lidl Monument Run is offered at a price of 5 euros and can be made online or in person, until 08:30 on the day of the event. All the instructions to register can be found on the official website of the event.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS – Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon 2020 event is possible thanks to the fundamental support of the Municipality of Verona and the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce I.A.A. Special thanks also goes to our partners: the title sponsor Gensan, the Main Sponsors Agsm, Zuegg and ZeroWind. Technical sponsor Joma. Green Partner Amia and Acque Veronesi. Airline Partner: Turkish Airlines, New Veronauto Official Car. Official suppliers: Eurocompany, Marazzi Noleggio, Melegatti, Bit Mobility. Media Partner: Radio NumberOne and Telenuovo.